In order to thrive in todays competitive environment, businesses and organizations must take advantage of every possible proven technology to maintain their productivity edge. TH Enterprises develops custom solutions to solve your compliance and workflow needs. A simple call starts the ball rolling. "We've got this".

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TH Enterprises, Inc (THEI) provides an offering of services, software, and hardware that helps create a complete and integrated management infrastructure . . . including organization, program, financial, and work group management solutions...

THEI also provides system design, integration, and maintenance on Microsoft, Mitel and Skype for Business phone systems. And, we provide solutions involving the Internet, Intranets, eXtranets, and Portals.

And, THEI provides consulting, training, implementation, and facilitation services.

THEI provides Accounting, ERP, Supply Chain, Managemenet (Digital Dashboard), Contact Management, and Customer Resource Management (CRM) solutions utilizing Microsoft TH Enterprises software systems in conjunction with TH Enterprise's Services Expertise.

Independent of the efforts above, THEI also has developed a comprehensive management system (RCMS) for Regional Councils of Governments, Transit Authorities, and other special purpose public sector organizations. This system is utilized by organizations around the US.

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TH Enterprises develops web sites! See us for a consultation on your existing web presence, existing maintenance needs, or if you are thinking about starting a new one. From site architecture, to user interface design, and graphics, we can get you online quickly and reliably. We have decades of combined experience.

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