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Altigen Communications 

Altigen - The Phone System for the Internet Era

Picture This! A phone system that includes all the features of the best systems; a phone system that reduces the maintenance cost of the phone system by 50% over the life of the system; and, a phone system that can be upgraded by industry standard parts. And then... picture a phone system that works directly with your computers. One that allows you to dial from your Outlook contact list, have your voice mail show up in your e-mail, and much, much more.

Full Featured PBX

AltiServ includes the switching capability found in standard PBX and key phone systems, plus much more.  AltiServ is more than a phone system. It's a complete communications server.

Automated Attendant

The AltiGen Auto Attendant may be used primary or secondary to a live operator. Callers can key in a specific extension or dial by name to quickly and easily reach their intended party. AltiGen' s Auto Attendant is easy to use with call menus that usher your customers to their destination.  After hours, it can be used to relay company or product information. Users can easily access their voice mail and numerous other features using the Auto Attendant. AltiServ also provides 255 separate auto attendants making it ideal for shared facility call routing.


AltiConsole is an optional software attendant console for companies that prefer to greet callers with a live receptionist. AltiConsole  gives you all of the options of an expensive hardware console while maintaining the inherent flexibility of the AltiServ system.

Voice Mail

AltiServ provides powerful voice mail capability designed expressly for the fast tracked business.  With traditional phone systems, adding voice mail generally requires connecting a separate voice mail server or purchasing extra add-on cards. AltiServ includes a feature packed voice mail system including full-functioning virtual extensions for key customers, contractors or off-site workers.


AltiServ comes complete with an email server that can be integrated with Microsoft´s Exchange server.

AltiView Desk Top Call Control and Outlook Integration

AltiViewTM is an optional desk top call control application that integrates with Microsoft´s Outlook to provide point and click dialing, incoming call screen pop and remote access through the Internet.

Automatic Call Distribution

AltiServ provides Workgroups and Call Queuing capability for informal call center applications. Traditionally a very expensive add-on, this is an important tool for increasing productivity within your organization. AltiServ supports up to 64 workgroups, with up to 256 members per group.  If all lines are busy in a workgroup callers are forwarded to a queue and distributed on a first available member or round robin basis. While in queue callers can be played music or a sequence of recorded messages. Your customers have the option of transferring out of the queue to the operator or voice mail at any time. Whether you have 3 people or 80 people, you can handle your incoming calls more efficiently and provide customer service on par with Fortune 500 companies.

Voice over IP

AltiGen pioneered the expansion of telecommunications through the Internet. Today AltiGen leads the way by providing the only internal, integrated Voice over IP gateway for branch offices with up to 160 extensions. Now remote sites can be linked via IP for significant toll savings. With AltiServ you set the stage for the ultimate multimedia communications environment.

AltiReach Web Based Call Management

AltiReach Web based call management allows users to manage their personal phone settings and messaging options from anywhere, at anytime using a Web browser. With AltiReach you simply type in a URL to access your personal and/or workgroup consoles. You can also configure AltiReach to designate message notification options and to forward your calls to as many as four different numbers.

System Administration

AltiServ intuitive Windows interface and automatic configuration features make administration a breeze. You can choose to manage your system in-house or with the help of your local Authorized AltiGen Dealer. Because AltiServ is based on the Windows Operating System, your system can be upgraded and enhanced with the latest AltiGen software. With AltiServ you´re guaranteed the most up-to-date communications tools for your business.

TH Enterprises  would be proud to provide a complete no obligation product demonstration.