Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable Management System

Enables You To Distribute Costs To Projects During Vouchering, Manage Cash Requirements Day To Day, Maintain Vendor/Contractor Information & More

Provides For Regional Government & Transit Agency Requirements, Vendor/Contractor History, Voucher Transfer/Distribution By Project, Automatic Or Manual Payment, Plus Standard A/P Functions.

Special Features Plus Standard

Accounts Payable


The RCMSAccounts Payable Management System is a multi-user system designed for the needs of government, transit and transportation related agencies.

Accounts Payable Management System provides for the management of information about vendors and contractors...allows for a virtually unlimited number of vendors and maintains detailed records which can quickly and easily be queried or reported.

In addition to basic Accounts Payable capabilities, the module can distribute costs to projects during the voucher process. Payments can be manual or automatic - and, on-screen cash requirements are reported as payment selections are done. It automatically accepts input from the Contract/Purchase Order Management System™ (via a centralized receiving and vouchering capability common to both Accounts Payable and Purchase Orders). The module is fully (and directly) integrated with the Project Cost Management System, General Ledger, Fixed Assets Management System, Control PLUS™ and other RCMS™ systems; thus,eliminating redundant efforts.

Accounts Payable Management System also provides for:

In addition, the module makes it possible to pay invoices electronically (EDI capability); enter/edit/delete/review vouchers in batches; produce both paper and electronic 1099's; and do full screen edits on every screen.

Multi-User Payable System Designed For The Unique Needs Of Your Organization

Accounts Payable Management System -- Together With Related RCMS™ Modules -- Gives You A Complete Financial Management

Software Solution

The module maintains full transaction detail regardless of closing -- but offers a security restricted capability of purging completed transactions, if desired. Naturally, the module includes comprehensive security options.

Other features include...Easy query by vendor, P.O. or Contract; DBE/WBE and other business type reporting; cash requirements reporting by date range, vendor type, expense type, project/ grant/funding source; warrant or listing of approved payments for signature by authorized individuals; automatic tracking of master file changes for audit purposes; system reminder to charge appropriate sales tax; system warning for user attempts to "double close" an Accounts Payable period.

The Accounts Payable Management System module -- together with other related modules of the Regional Council Management System™ -- comprise a complete financial management software solution for regional governments and transportation organizations.

No other Accounts Payable Management System program so closely meets your organization's day to day needs as RCMS™.

Comprehensive Accounts Payable Capability With Features Just For You