Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable / Funding Source Management System

Provides For Funding Source Management...Including Source/Grant Query, Special "Request Funding" Tracking, Complete Customer/Source Billing & More

Uniquely Designed For Regional Governments & Transit Agencies -- With Revenue Recognition Transfer From Project Cost Management System™, Special Cash Sales Accounts, Plus Standard Accounts Receivable Functions.

Complete Accounts Receivable/Funding Source Management System Capabilities

The RCMSAccounts Receivable/Funding Source Management System is a state of the industry, multi-user system created specifically for the requirements of regional government, transit and transportation related agencies.

Accounts Receivable/Funding Source Management System provides for the management of information about customers and funding sources. In addition, it is a repository for all transactions involving sales, cash receipts or funding sources. It maintains detailed information and history on receivable transactions and customers. A myriad of useful, on-screen queries and reports are available to you with just a few keystrokes.

For example, you can query a particular funding source or all of the grants for a funding source. The system keeps full funding source billing and customer data, including billings to date. Separate tracking of advance (unearned) funding requests are possible, as are statements for all or selected funding sources.

Key features are: Automatic transfer from the Revenue Recognition System and Project Cost Management System... handling of special cash sales comprehensive invoicing, aging, statements and other standard Accounts Receivable/Funding Source Management System functions.

The system gives you access to named checking accounts set up in Accounts Payable Management System, plus other accounts such as CD and Money Market, etc. Cash receipts can be deposited to any of these accounts, and transfers between accounts is accommodated. You can have cash receipts offset expenses, through General Ledger and Project Cost Management System automatic transactions.

Receivable/Funding Source System

Other capabilities include: Ability to maintain a deposit balance on screen as cash receipts are entered for each cash account; provisions for handling credit balance accounts; unlimited number of user defined classifications for sales transactions (e.g., dues, conferences, contracts, grants, goods or other invoice types); automatic set up of Accounts Receivable accounts through RCMSBudget Preparation & Management System™; transactions stamped with accounting date, system date and originator's name; provision for named Sales Accounts; comprehensive security options; and system warning for attempts to "double close" a period.

The module is fully (and directly) integrated with the RCMS™ General Ledger, Revenue Recognition System, Sales Order/Invoicing System, Control PLUS™ and other RCMS™ systems. Relevant portions of customer/funding source information can instantly (and optionally) be transferred to the Control PLUS™ contact list for use in business letter mail merges, as well as maintenance of correspondence history and grant notes, etc.

With the Accounts Receivable/Funding Source Management System, you have fingertip access to a wide array of reports and on-screen inquiries. The system allows selection of date ranges for transaction reporting, such as...Accounts Receivable/Funding Source Management System aging with user defined periods... detailed or summary transaction registers ...status and transaction information for customers, grants and funding sources (including funds requested, received, invoiced with log date for checks received in the mail) receipts journal... customer statements on demand by selection or specific customer.

The Accounts Receivable/Funding Source Management System -- together with other related modules of the Regional Council Management System™ -- form a complete financial management software solution for regional governments and transportation organizations. No other computerized receivable system is so uniquely designed to meet your agency's day-to-day needs as RCMSAccounts Receivable/Funding Source Management System.

Comprehensive Accounts Receivable/Funding Source Management System Capabilities