General Ledger

General Ledger

The THEI GL Provides Flexible, Crisp Financials -- Plus Seamless Integration With Other RCMS™ Modules -- For Effective Agency & Department Fiscal Management

Uniquely Designed For The Requirements Of Regional Government & Transit Agencies... With Balance Sheet & Income Statement Reporting For Any Fund, Organization Or Consolidation Of Organizations.

Maximum GL Power & Versatility For Your Organization

The RCMSGeneral Ledger is a state of the industry, multi-user system that's custom designed for the specific financial needs of government, transit and transportation related agencies. The General Ledger provides for optimal flexibility in system set up and in balance sheet and income statement reporting. It automatically handles recurring transactions (with ability to modify repeating entries) as well as journal transfers from other modules. It shows the status of cash in bank, plus much more.

The General Ledger system allows for thirteenth month (year end) transactions while producing financials for subsequent months. It optionally accepts (and maintains) annual budgets from the RCMSProject Cost Management System, after summarizing and reporting budgets by line item.

The system specially provides for reverse accrual entries. And, the General Ledger can easily produce financial consolidations of multiple organizations (for those users who elect to include this option).

Fast, comprehensive, user selectable query and reporting is available with just a few keystrokes. With the General Ledger, you can quickly generate on screen or paper: Balance Sheet by fund, organization or consolidation; Income Statement by fund, organization or consolidation; Trail Balance for any organization. Other query/report selections are Journal Entry Log; Chart of Accounts; List of GL Batches awaiting posting (with descriptions); any consecutive twelve month Income Statement; cash flow for any period.

Designed For The Unique Requirements Of Government, Transit And Transportation Related Organizations

Flexible, Friendly, Agency Specific General Ledger Design And Reporting

Other features include full screen edits, with the ability to review entire batches on screen, then edit prior to posting. Entering miscellaneous transactions within the Project Cost Management System conveniently creates a GL batch for later posting (optional feature). Master file changes made within the GL are tightly maintained, with complete audit trail and automatic printing upon closing.

The General Ledger was developed, in conjunction with the other RCMS ™ modules, to accommodate the specific and complex fiscal reporting and financial management needs of organizations just like yours. It provides agency or department wide financial reporting via user definable, cleanly formatted, crisp looking balance sheets and income statements.

The General Ledger module is directly and tightly integrated with other relevant modules within the Regional Council Management System™, thus reducing keystrokes, eliminating redundancy, implifying operation and streamlining the audit trail.

Your agency will benefit by flexible, friendly, efficient, industry specific general ledger design and reporting.

Benefits Of The GL System Created Specifically For You