Payroll/Personnel Management

Payroll/Personnel Management System

Provides For Unlimited Tax Deductions (Pre or Post Tax), Unlimited Leave Types, A-125 Management & Other Agency Requirements

Now, Easily Handle All Pay Types & Periods, Steps/Grades, Minority Tracking, Vacation/Sick Accruals/Leaves, Benefits, Deductions,Tax Recording/Reporting, JTPA Sign-Off, A-125 Issues, General Ledger Interface & More.

Comprehensive Features That Match Your Requirements

The Payroll/Personnel Management System is highly flexible, easy to understand and operate with features and capabilities designed specifically for the diverse needs of government agencies and other similar organizations. It readily accommodates all kinds of pay periods, all steps & grades, all minority tracking requirements, unlimited leave types (vacation & sick accruals/leaves), all forms of employee benefits, unlimited pre or post tax payroll deductions, complete tax recording & reporting, JTPA sign-off, A-125 management, General Ledger interface, plus more.

Naturally, the system allows for time sheet distribution during the process of running payroll. And, the system also includes a direct deposit feature, so paychecks can be deposited directly at your employees' individual banks.

The Payroll/Personnel Management System provides a comprehensive vehicle for effectively managing your entire staff.

Payroll/Personnel Management System gives you a total system for efficient, agency wide, employee administration. Now, you can handle personnel accounting and reporting with maximum ease and user convenience -- everything from setting up and processing complicated payrolls (both regular staff and JTPA) maintaining a full history of salary and performance reviews on each producing EEO race and gender reports on an agency or departmental basis.

A Comprehensive Vehicle For Effectively Managing The Entire Agency Staff

Highly Flexible, Easy To Use & Operate

For your benefit, the Payroll/Personnel Management System:

In addition, the Payroll/Personnel Management System contains many validation tables which facilitate payroll and employee data entry. These tables enable your staff to set up payroll to fit your agency's unique requirements.

The Regional Council Management System™ includes this highly flexible, easy to use Payroll/Personnel Management System module which offers a total employee administration system.

Now, you can efficiently and easily manage all types and levels of individuals, pay, time periods, leaves, benefits, deductions, taxes and much more.

The Payroll Management System