Project Cost

Project Cost Management System

As A Repository For All Budget, Expense & Funding Information, The Project Cost Management System Allows Easy Set-Up & Maintenance Of Projects, Grants & Programs

Shows Budgeted Versus Actual Expense By Project, Grant Or Department -- On Summary Or Detail Basis...Plus History Of Budget Changes, Available Funding, Detail Expense Transactions & More.

Contains All Budget, Expense & Grant Available Funding

The Project Cost Management System is the portion of the Regional Council Management System™ which contains all project budget, actual expenses and grant (or other) available funding information. It is the repository for all detail and summary data related to the management of the agency.

The Project Cost Management System records all detail expense transactions and provides a vehicle for quick set-up, maintenance and reporting of projects, grants and programs. Plus, the system report and query functions give you fast, selective review of project expenditures -- even down to the smallest detail level.

Using the Project Cost Management System, you can rapidly set up agency, program, grant, project and budget information as well as set up all work phase and cost codes. The system is very flexible; it allows reporting of all Accounts Payable Management System, time card, cost allocations, split COG and miscellaneous transactions.

The Project Cost Management System provides summary and/or detailed comparisons of line item budgets to actuals -- by project, grant and department. And, the system conveniently includes a large number of standard reports frequently needed by government agencies, transit authoriites and other similiar organizations.

The system is a repository for original project line item budgets changes to the current line item budget expenses incurred, plus the amount of subcontract commitments or vendor open purchase orders.

Quick & Easy Access To Detailed Project Cost Information

The system gives you fingertip access to detailed project cost information -- including all incurred costs and all outstanding commitments, with date and source from project beginning through completion. The system accommodates every type of project cost such as employee time cards, equipment costs, vendor charges, subcontract expenses and purchase order commitments.

Naturally, the Project Cost Management System is fully integrated with other areas of the RCMS™ family, so cost data is automatically transferred between Project Cost Management System and the various accounting system locations, as required.

Using the Project Cost Management System, your staff can more easily set up, maintain, review and report all project budget, expense and funding information -- on both a detail and summary basis. Now, you can establish and manage projects, grants and programs throughout the agency with increased effectiveness.

The Project Cost Management System was created specifically for organizations just like yours. It includes many, many features and report options custom designed to meet your type of requirements.

Comprehensive Management Of All Project Related Costs