Purchase Order Contract

TH Enterprises, Inc Contract/Purchase Order Management System™

Easily Issue & Track All Contracts, Subcontracts & Purchase Orders...With Automatic Project Encumbrances As Purchase Orders Are Issued

Get Automatic Encumbrance Of Projects As Your Purchase Orders Are Issued -- Plus Benefit By Comprehensive Maintenance & Fast Review Of All Narrative Associated With Contracts & Purchase Orders.

Issue, Control & Review All Purchase Orders & Contracts

Now, all agency contracts, subcontracts and purchase orders can be quickly issued and easily tracked with the Contract/Purchase Order Management System™.

The system automatically encumbers projects as soon as purchase orders are issued. Using the Contract/Purchase Order Management System™, you can conveniently maintain, and instantly review, all narratives related to the management of contracts and purchase orders. This includes narratives associated with progress, or with quality assurance and invoice approval. Of course, the system provides complete status reporting of purchase order activity and issuance on detailed or summary basis.

The Contract/Purchase Order Management System™ complements and enhances the RCMSAccounts Payable Management System. As purchase orders are processed, the information flows to Project Cost Management System; the corresponding increase in your committed funds is reflected on status queries and reports. As purchase orders are vouchered, the incurred amount is updated.

The Contract/Purchase Order Management System™ provides for rapid entry, modification, distribution, posting, vouchering, printing and review of purchase orders. It gives you instant, on-screen query and status reporting of all P.O.s, contracts and subcontracts. Full screen edit capability and hierarchical screens make editing intuitively easy. A notepad feature allows detailed description of both P.O. item(s) and the purchase order itself.

The system enables you to receipt and voucher more than one invoice for a single P.O. in a batch. A handy set-up option permits P.O. line items (or the entire purchase order) to exceed the issue amount by maximum percentages. Plus, you can handle multiple year task, project or grant encumbrance (by contract or P.O. fiscal year) using an allocated percent for each effective year.

Instant, On-Screen Query & Status Reporting Of All Purchase Orders & All Contracts & Subcontracts

The Contract/Purchase Order Management System™ was designed especially for the accounting and reporting requirements of agencies. The system allows you to issue, control, track, review and report all purchase orders, all contracts and all subcontracts. Quickly. Easily. Conveniently.

The system is logically and intuitively structured. Its menus, screens and work flow are rapidly apparent, even to non-expert PC users.

Only the Contract/Purchase Order Management System™ was created to meet the needs of organizations just like yours.

A Purchase Order System Designed For Your Organization