Budget Preparation & Management

TH Enterprises, Inc Budget Preparation & Management System

Streamline Your Budgeting Process, Instantly See The Effect Of "What Ifs", Build & Manage Agency Plans From The Ground Up With The

Authorized Persons Can Easily Develop Or Modify Budgets -- Plus Quickly Evaluate & Optimize The Impact Of Potential Changes Before Submitting Plans For Final Consolidation & Management Approval.

Prepare, Modify & Analyze Complex Budgets With Ease

Using the Budget Preparation & Management System™ , you can quickly and easily create, revise and manage even the most diverse work plans and budget requirements -- like never before.

The Budget Preparation & Management System™ provides authorized personnel fast on-line access to budget status and history information. It also allows program staff to perform "What If" analyses that help them determine optimal recommendations before submitting plans and revisions to management for review.

The Budget Preparation & Management System™ accommodates multiple periods and even jobs not covered in the Project Cost Management System of RCMS™ . You can plan, analyze, compare and budget by allotted time, project, individual's position, person's name, and more.

Any authorized staff member can rapidly generate new plans or amend existing ones. The system gives users instant access to current data -- without affecting "live" accounting data. The Budget Preparation & Management System™ enables management of all levels to have appropriate access to the budgeting process at any point in time -- without having direct access to the accounting system.

Now, new budgets can be developed and integrated into a whole, with minimum time and effort. And now, the effect of changes on existing plans can be evaluated for maximum advantage in just a few keystrokes. With the Budget Preparation & Management System™, your program staff will have the ability to review any number of revisions until they are ready to submit recommended changes, on paper and on-line, for signature and posting by agency administration.

Integral Part Of The Regional Council Management System™

As part of the RCMS™ family, the Budget Preparation & Management System™ provides instant, integrated access to critical data from other RCMS™ systems, as needed. The system makes it possible for any authorized person throughout your organization to individually generate or revise budget plans. During the budget development process, staff members have viewing and reporting access to current RCMS™ accounting information about employees, existing project costs and budget details.

The system gives administration the ability to set allocation rates, staff rates, and position rates for each year. Approved personnel can budget related staff and other expenses for their projects over multiple time periods. Cost allocation rates can be entered for one or more fiscal year(s). This eliminates the need to compute rates each time, and makes staff budgeting faster and simpler.

Plans can be consolidated and submitted on- line with just a few keystrokes, thus eliminating unnecessary manual work and paper duplication. Of course, "What If" analyses can be conducted without jeopardizing live data. Staff utilization and various other agency 'impact' reports and queries are available for each budget revision being considered.

Upon final review, consolidation and approval, the budgets and/or budget changes can be automatically posted by your accounting management to the active agency budget in the Regional Council Management System™ .

Complete Set-Up, Batch, Agency Impact & Other Reports

A comprehensive set of reports are available through the Budget Preparation & Management System™ . Set-up Reports are List of Fiscal Years, Global Agency Budgeting Assumptions, List of Model Tasks (Projects), Staff & Position Rates Reports, and Five-Year Salary History Report (Create Staff & Position Rates). Batch reporting options include Change Order Batch Reports, Change Order Posting, Budget Authorization, and Cost Code & General Ledger Impact.

A number of Impact Reports are made possible...such as Task (Project) Impact Report, Grant Impact Report, Program (Fund) Impact Report, Complete Agency Impact Report, Task (Project) Manager Impact Report, Cost Code & G/L Impact Report, Staff Utilization Report, plus user-defined Category Impact Reports. These reports are invaluable tools for effectively managing your agency's budgeting process at many levels. In addition, several other useful reports can be generated using the Budget Preparation & Management System™ .

The Budget Preparation & Management System™ was designed and created in response to the specific needs of our users. The system exists solely for the benefit of agencies just like yours. It was developed to enable organizations to quickly and easily manage the budget planning, modification and review process. Using it, you can efficiently build, revise, consolidate, evaluate and finalize even the most comprehensive budgets and work plans--with far less time, effort and energy than ever before.

Features Designed To Optimize Your Budgeting Process