Directors' Query

Directors' Query & Reporting System™

Extracts Needed Information From Any Area of the Regional Council Management System™ including Financial, Program, & Work Group data.

Now, At The Touch Of A Few Keystrokes, You'll Get Fast, Comprehensive Reporting On Agency, Department, Program, Grant, Project, Task Or Staff Performance.

The Complete Reporting & On-Screen Inquiry System

The Director's Query & Reporting System™ allows security approved individuals to instantly see financial, funding, administrative and resource utilization status of all or part of your agency's many activities.

Reports are available by agency, department, program, grant, project, management level and personnel/labor allocation. Information can be printed and viewed on detailed or summary format for planned, current or historical status. Plus, authorized personnel may access data directly on the screen from any work station in the network.

The Director's Query & Reporting System™ is designed throughout to be naturally intuitive -- even for novice computer users. It is easily learned and requires just 60 minutes of training (or less) for individuals with little or no prior computer experience.

The system is extremely flexible as well as comprehensive. For example, you can:

Access Vital Information Virtually Anywhere, Anytime

With the Director's Query & Reporting System™, you'll be able to immediately access and view critical information -- presented in useful, easy to understand formats.

The Director's Query & Reporting System™ can automatically gather, analyze and summarize data from a variety of modules within the: Regional Council Management System™ including the Control PLUS™ family of Work Group Management Tools, Project Cost Management System, Accounts Receivable/Funding Source Management System, Contract/Purchase Order Management System™, Payroll/Personnel Management System, Accounts Payable Management System and the Budget Preparation & Management System™.

The Director's Query & Reporting System™ can also show you (on screen or via report) any and all narrative associated with queried transactions, activities and relationships.

Other examples of information available through the Director's Query & Reporting System™ are: Employee hours & dollars status against budget...Fiscal or program year snapshots as well as queries for other totals & time periods...Separation of operational & "pass-through" funds, as necessary...Daily, monthly, quarterly

Extracts Needed Information From Any Area of the Regional Council Management System™

or special time frame reporting...Unlimited number of user defined reports...and Individual transactions by line item.

Monitor Financial Performance Throughout The Agency

You can quickly and easily monitor financial and administrative performance against budget for almost all activity and management levels within your agency. This includes the ability to view organization-wide budgets versus actuals in convenient one page summary or in-depth detailed format down to the individual transactions which generated a particular cost item.

Again, the system allows you to look at a particular department, program, grant or project in different ways. Sample programs might be Aging (AAA), Jobs Training (SDA, JTPA), Economic Development, Transportation Planning, etc. The system provides both rapid screen queries and paper reports showing budgets, actuals, open commitments, funding by sources/grants, internal matches required, plus, funds received and receivables.

The Regional Council Management System™ can accommodate an unlimited number of programs, projects, tasks and grants/sources of funds. Naturally, the Director's Query & Reporting System™ provides quick, convenient reporting for all of these -- and more.

AND, It's Very Easy To Use!

Finally, the Regional Council Management System™ affords user defined security to insure only those who are authorized can gain access to the large amount of data and reports offered by the system. In addition, no modifications can be made to data while in the system.

This guarantees safety to valuable data no matter what actions are taken -- mistakenly or purposely -- during an inquiry. No damage is possible to accounting or other critical organizational information.

The benefits are many. With the Director's Query & Reporting System™ you'll quickly see the current financial/funding status, history, actual against plan, associated narrative/correspondence, staff performance and much more...for almost any activity anywhere within your organization.

The Director's Query & Reporting System™ gives you fast knowledge enabling you to literally manage your agency "up to the second". It puts you in total control by providing you with the reporting tools you need to understand the status of any, and all, programs and related funds flowing through your organization at any given point in time.

The Director's Query & Reporting System™ was created with a single purpose: To provide Directors, administrators and project managers the relevant information they need to monitor and manage their agency for maximum efficiency and productivity.

Look At The Many Benefits Offered To Your Agency