Progress Management & Reporting

TH Enterprises, Inc Progress Management & Reporting System™

Enables Your Agency To Easily Maintain & Monitor Work Efforts...With Quick Review Of Narrative, Percent Complete, Plans & Status.

Get Instant On-Screen Query -- Plus Ad Hoc, Monthly, Or Quarterly Reporting -- Of Accompanying Narratives, Percent Completion, Upcoming Plans & Financial Status For Work Efforts At Project And/Or Task Level.

Full Review, Reporting & Control Of All Work Efforts

The Progress Management & Reporting System™ gives your administrators and program staff the tools they need to conveniently maintain, monitor and manage project work activity throughout the agency.

The Progress Management & Reporting System™ provides the ability to...

The system helps program staff more effectively manage, budget and control all project and task specific work efforts.

Entering Narrative

The Progress Management & Reporting System™ can be used directly by the program, project, or task managers who are involved in the work efforts. The system allows all of the following:

Progress Reporting for Quarters, Months, or any Day. The user can indicate which time period he or she wishes to report (enter narrative) about. And, also, which specific Quarter, Month, or Day to enter information about.

Easy, Quick Staff Entry Of Progress, Status, or Plans Narrative

Narrative reporting for any project (for the period selected above).

And, as necessary or desirable enter narrative for any (or all) tasks (or products) within a project.

In fact, the system can automatically inquire from the user about each task for the project chosen.

That is, when the manager chooses a particular Project on which to report, the system will request the appropriate narrative about the Project overall and each Task within the project.

Within each project (and / or task) the manager may enter narrative by the type of notes required. That is, the system provides the ability to report by any number of agency defined categories of narrative. Examples might include all of the following:

The types of note categories which can be utilized are virtually unlimited. They can be defined by the questions or issues most important to your organization's particular progress management needs.

Further, the agency may determine which types of notes are required for each reporting period.

For example, in the FHWA tradition, quarterly reports might have to include sections like "Last Quarter Progress", "Next Quarter Objectives", and "Project Utility" when completed. Yet for the same agency, internal monthly reporting might require "Last Months Progress", and "Problems Encountered" only.

In addition, note field types can be set to "come up" on screen...only when the project (or task) is 100% complete, or (alternatively) only at the end of the fourth quarter.

The PMRS will ensure that while the manager is using the system they are prompted for the correct narrative types based on the reporting period they have chosen.

Also, special (approved) narrative types can be entered in addition to the standard types as required.

While entering narrative the manager also has the ability to:

review financial information

modify the percent complete

modify actual date started and completed

and, review any or all previous narrative(s).

All Required Information At Your Fingertips While Entering Progress

Queries & Reports

Authorized agency personnel can rapidly query the system to scan narrative history related to specific work activity.

Internal Reporting

The TH Enterprises Director's Query & Reporting SystemTM and the Progress Reporting & Management System™ provide access to information about the status of the organization or many possible subdivisions of the organization either on screen or in many possible report formats.

Provides Quarterly Reporting For Funding Sources

Required quarterly reports to funding sources can quickly be created that include financial status along with a listing of all narrative related to work in progress. The system provides for printing of a financial cover page for selections of grants and funding sources. This financial cover page may include only those dollars directly provided by the funding source, or it may include all matches and joint funding of the efforts in question.

And, it includes only the narratives associated with projects related to these selected grants and funding sources. Plus, Progress Management & Reporting System™ makes it possible to produce a Quarterly Report for the "correct" time period...even if the document generation is later than the report time period. For example, we might wish to print a quarterly reports fifteen days after the end of the quarter. The Progress Management system will select financials (and narrative) only through the closing date of the quarter to be reported.

Now, with the Progress Management & Reporting System™, your agency, your departments, and your program managers can more effectively document, control and execute efforts -- whether at the project or task level. Progress can be measured against actual work descriptions, plans and status entered in the system. Quarterly reporting of any Overall Work Program (e.g., Transportation, Environment, Land Use or other) to the concerned funding entities can be accomplished with less time and labor. Executive staff, administrators and program personnel can easily monitor, maintain and manage work efforts throughout the agency.

More Effectively Document, Manage & Execute Agency Efforts

The Progress Management & Reporting System™ was designed by regional councils, transportation authorities, and MPOs to benefit your agency. The system design is based on input from strong Program Management, Administrative Management, and Executive Management individuals from the staffs of several of the most respected organizations in your industry. In addition, the entire system includes TH Enterprises' professional development approach and integrates directly into TH Enterprises' services, and software for Program Management, Work Group Management and Financial Management

Designed By MPOs, Regional Councils, and Transportation Authorities

Features Which Streamline Progress Review & Reporting