Special Programs Management

TH Enterprises Special Programs Management System

Easily control, access, review and report information on any project or process.

Get fingertip review of all documents, contact history, narrative, involved parties, issues, project details and status for TIP, Congestion Management, agenda preparation or A-95 Type review and comment, etc.

Complete Project/Issue Review & Comment Management

The Special Programs Management System™ is the first -- and still the only -- system of its kind in the marketplace. That's because only the Special Programs Management System™ can help you maintain tight integration, comprehensive control, easy access and rapid reporting for virtually any project, process or issue important to your agency, county and/or region.

The system was designed from the ground up for maximum versatility. It can be used for a diverse range of applications, including any or all of the following:

Management of any Review and Comment process (like earlier A-95), environmental impact, congestion management, transportation improvement programs, board/meeting agenda preparation, management of incoming agency correspondence, cross compliance issues, legislative issues, industrial redevelopment projects, air quality, community development, reporting on regionally significant projects, etc.

Unique Features Designed For Organizations Like Yours

The Special Programs Management System™ provides a vehicle for managing a wide variety of project types, as well as programs similar to the old A-95 program. It allows you to maintain a wealth of information about each project under review. You can include a lengthy description or narrative as part of the project information.

Complete information -- along with detailed records of all associated communications, contacts, documents, due dates by activity, locations, status -- for all projects, processes and/or issues can be maintained

You can also quickly enter notes about correspondence associated with a project, such as progress notes, documents received, documents completed, phone calls from concerned citizens, board member comments, etc. The system gives you the ability to cross reference -- and examine -- each project and its related information in many ways. You can access data geographically, by type of endeavor, by size or by the people and/or organizations involved.

Using this system, you can keep an entire record of planned, current and historical communications, correspondence, contacts and commitments associated with each project. Naturally, that information is instantly available to you or other authorized individuals at the touch of a few keystrokes.

History At Your Fingertips

Now, your organization can effortlessly archive, organize and retrieve information about resolution of project deadlines, compliance requirements and critical issues. With the Special Programs Managment SystemTM this process is practically automated for you.

Another benefit is that data can be readily exported to (and used by) external computer/software programs. One example: Project data can be down- loaded to a file which then can be used by a Geographic Information System (GIS) to display locations of projects on maps.

Comprehensive Reports For Internal Or External Purposes

Your organization can quickly generate complete reports -- tailored to specific internal or external audiences. Reports can be prepared for the general public, for board review, for internal management, or for ad hoc requirements.

Types of reports which can be created are:

Caseload Report - An internal agency listing of open Projects showing the next step required and the individual responsible. This report can also be printed for a specific individual.

Regionally Significant Projects Report - Shows the open projects which are considered by the agency to be of regional significance. This report is in a format acceptable for external review.

Project Log - A list of all projects received in any date range which lists project due date, significance, contact, and description.

Clearinghouse Listing - A special report suitable for external review which describes the open projects and provides information suitable for board members and the general public.

Environmental Documents Listing - Provides a list of those projects where an environmental issue or study is a part of the project.

Special Inquiry Report - This is a report that can be generated for those one-show needs. It provides the ability to select and report on Projects that meet a wide range of criteria.

Of course, the system allows fast, on-screen retrieval and review of any entered information. Among the inquiry capabilities are: Project look-up by specific types, sizes, categories or locations project look-up where certain organizations or individuals are involved review of some, most or all of the communications and activities associated with a given project and general information look-up for a particular project.

The Special Programs Management System™ interfaces directly to other portions of the Regional Council Management System™, such as the RCMS™ family of accounting applications and the Control PLUS™ family of workgroup management solutions.

Whether your agency is faced with congestion management, transportation improvement projects, legislative issues & reporting requirements, environmental impact, cross compliance, A-95 type Review & Comment management, county or regionally significant programs, or other equally diverse projects the Special Programs Management System™ has all the features and ease of use your agency needs.

Whether you require reporting suitable for your board, the general public (local or otherwise), your county, geographic region, state, internal management, regulatory bodies or other governmental entities the Special Programs Management System™ has the flexibility you need for any type report.

The Special Programs Management System™ -- alone among all computer/software solutions -- is uniquely designed to help you stay on top of all contact, compliance, commitment and correspondence related information, no matter what type project, program or activity your organization is responsible for. The Special Programs Management System™ is designed for you.

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