Time Reporting

TH Enterprises Time Reporting System

The TH Enterprises time sheet management system provides the ability for staff to report their time including electronic signatures. It also provides supervisors the ability to enter their electronic approvals of staff time sheets.

Staff can enter time during each day or at the end of the pay period. The system provides the ability to charge time to assigned tasks or projects showing available hours and warning of charges over budget. The system allows for the reporting of all leave types indicating when a person charges over availalbe hours (like vacation).

The system provides for special overtime and compensatory time management. It also provides easy review of time sheets... watching for anomalies or mischarges.

A complete history of time sheets submitted with electronic signatures is maintained.

The system is web enabled, which will allow staff to enter their time sheet either on site or from any location where they have access to the Internet.

Now, Each Person Can Quickly Enter, Validate & Submit Time Sheet Information...While Having On-Screen Access To Available Staff Hours By Project, As Well As Leave (Vacation & Sick) Time.

Ensures Correct Staff Time Is Charged To Budgeted Projects

The Staff Time Reporting System safeguards against inaccurate and unauthorized staff time charges to agency projects. The system prevents employees from charging time against closed and/or incorrect projects. The system validates time correctly charged against open projects. It shows your staff how many hours are budgeted for specific projects. It notifies each employee individually how many hours are to be worked in any given pay period. Plus, it tracks how many actual hours have been entered to date versus budgeted hours for any open project within the agency.

The Staff Time Reporting System helps both accounting personnel and project staff effectively manage the amount of time worked and charged versus budgeted hours for each individual project. Accounting can quickly and easily set up the date range, pay frequency, hours in pay period, hour type (holiday, sick or vacation), project/phase/cost codes, project accrual, etc., for the whole agency.

Eliminates The Need For Time Sheet Entry By Accounting

Individual time sheet management eliminates the need for your accounting department to enter this information for each employee. The Staff Time Reporting System allows for time sheet entry from every work station within the network.

They can also review on-screen how much staff time is budgeted for each project, along with available leave time (vacation, sick, holiday). With the Staff Time Reporting System?, setting up, inputting and managing time sheets for an entire agency becomes a simpler, easier, "more natural" process for everyone. In addition, the system makes it possible for individuals who travel for extended periods of time to designate other persons to maintain their time sheets so payroll can be processed without waiting for absent employees to return.

Once work time has been entered and reviewed by the responsible person, it can then be instantly submitted for management approval and subsequent payroll processing. (Printed time sheets provide for employee signature as well as for management approval.)

The Staff Time Reporting System? is fully integrated with the RCMS? Payroll/Personnel Management System. For the benefit of both accounting and administrative staff, the Staff Time Reporting System? contains "pop-up" screens which list existing projects, tasks and/or activities against which time can be charged. The pop-up screen lists help facilitate accurate payroll and employee data entry.

The Staff Time Reporting System ensures time is accurately charged only against approved projects and/or tasks. It validates time charges to open, budgeted projects. And, it allows you to compare actual time to date versus budgeted hours.

Using the Staff Time Reporting System facilitates better payroll and personnel management. It eliminates the need for accounting to enter time sheets for individual employees.

Now, each person can rapidly enter, print and submit his/her time sheet for approval and processing while having access to the amount of staff time budgeted by project, plus available leave (vacation, sick) time.

The Staff Time Reporting System simplifies and streamlines the total process of recording, reviewing and submitting time sheets.

These Built-In Features Make Managing Time Sheets Easy