Harness the Power of Public Sector Relationships

Over time, public sector organizations build up an extensive nexus of thousands upon thousands of relationship connections and interactions with their key stakeholders. These include board members, certain staff, other public sector organizations, elected officials, regulators, private sector executives, community activists, and others who have at least one interest that intersects with the organization's interests(s).

Stakeholder relationships form the organizing principle for knowledge worth retaining, including political and social information along with task-oriented details. A contact or mailing list is not the only way to automate the stakeholder relationships. Automated lists are only a small part of strategic knowledge management.

PS-Nexus™ software is unsurpassed for automating public sector knowledge management. It was developed specifically for the public sector by public sector users. It benefits public sector organizations by helping them to:

And, of course, manage all features normally associated with automated mailing and contact lists

  • People

    Public sector organizations have significant relationships with people in other public sector organizations, with elected and appointed public officials, and people in the private sector as well.

    PS-Nexus™ permits users to classify a person in all the ways that the person relates to the organization. It provides powerful capabilities to handle the contact lists based on these classifications, including label creation, list merge, and mass e-mailings.

    PS-Nexus™ also tracks the timeline of each relationship. This capability enables public sector organizations to know at a glance when an elected official is in and out of office, for example.

    Unlimited classifications for all people and time-phased relationship management are unique to PS-Nexus™ software. No other public sector CRM technology offers these critical features.

    People and their relationship histories can be consulted via QuickFinder or through PS-Nexus™ web access when you are out of the office.

    Look up the background on any person in your system even on the go.

    Significant Relationships Board members
    Comittee members
    Elected officials
    Private sector experts or advisors
    Staff members

  • Organizations

    Public sector organizations have significant relationships with other public sector organizations and with private sector entities, too.

    PS-Nexus™ permits public sector users to categorize each organization with which they have a relationship and about which they wish to maintain current information.

    Organization categorization is a powerful new tool that does not exist in other CRM software targeting the public sector.

    PS-Nexus™ also allows unlimited addresses and emails to be associated with any organization — another capability unique to this software.

    Organizations can be consulted via QuickFinder or through PS-Nexus™ web access when you are out of the office.

    Look up organization information even on the go.

  • Meetings

    Designed for the public sector, PS-Nexus™ recognizes that so much of public sector administration revolves around meetings.

    This tool automates many of the activities associated with scheduling existing meetings or adding new ones.

    Create IDs for meetings groups, types, and locations. Automatically generate invitation/agenda mailing lists (e-mail or hard copy) based on meeting classification and easily modify these lists as needed.

    Track meeting frequency, participants, and activities. Record meeting activities as searchable electronic records that can be associated with all meeting participants.

  • Directory Management

    Compiling, updating, and publishing annual directories eats up enormous amounts of public sector staff time and energy.

    PS-Nexus™ transforms this situation through sophisticated directory management.

    Throughout the year, whenever contact information is updated or changed, it is also current for use in the directory, eliminating concerns about outdated details.

    Set up the flexible directory format once and then use it forever, or modify it easily as needed.

    Since PS-Nexus™ is linked to MS Word and Sharepoint, just push a button to create a ready-to-print directory or publish the directory to the web.

    Save thousands of hours of detail work with PS-Nexus™ as your directory manager.

  • Activity Recording

    Recording significant activities is one of the most powerful capabilities of PS-Nexus™ software, making it truly useful to public sector organizations. Categorize significant activities in an unlimited number of ways, depending on your organization's mission and requirements. Cross-reference significant activities to people, organizations, invoices, purchase orders, projects, and more. Everyone in the organization may log significant activities. Significant History E-mails Discussion in person or via phone Hardcopy letters sent or received Meeting decisions or votes News articles about relevant people or events

  • To Do

    PS-Nexus™ manages tasks and reminders in a way that is much more sophisticated than other automated task management systems.

    Any To Do item can be cross-referenced with relationship information, such as a person or an organization.

    To Do items also can be cross-referenced with a meeting or other event, an invoice, a project, a purchase order, and more.

    No more staring at a To Do reminder and wondering what it means and what action you are supposed to take next.

    Search for any To Do item by any key word (a name or project) that is cross-referenced with it.

  • Quick Finder

    PS-Nexus™ manages tasks and reminders in a way that is much more sophisticated than other automated task management systems. Need a rapid overview of a person, organization, meeting, or event that has been logged into your PS-NexusTM system?

    QuickFinder provides it, without the excess of detail that slows you down.

    Search criteria are broad, so you don't have to remember specifics. Just start typing in a first or last name, an address, an email, a phone number, or other identifier, and QuickFinder will locate and retrieve the information you need.

    Use QuickFinder to search a broad category, such as all mayors within a county, or a very narrow focus. This powerful tool can help unearth relationships to aid your organization in fulfilling its objective of the moment.

  • Web Finder

    Away from the office, but you need to look up a critical relationship detail before walking into that meeting.

    PS-Nexus™ provides web access through any laptop or other mobile device connected to the Internet.

    Use your cell phone or PDA to look up individuals who fall into certain relationship categories (like mayors).

    Web access is guarded by user name and password, and the information cannot be changed remotely, only viewed. This keeps your process for using the system intact.

  • Services - The Company Behind PS-Nexus™

    The company that helps you adapt CRM technology to your public sector organization is every bit as critical as your software choice.

    Behind PS-Nexus™ software is TH Enterprises, Inc., which was founded in 1982 by its president, Ted Hoisington.

    TH Enterprises guides your organization in the essential first steps of establishing the process, policies, and procedures by which your organization will use PS-Nexus™collaboration software. These must be set up and clearly understood by all staff members to make your CRM implementation successful.

    Next, TH Enterprises eases staff members with diverse backgrounds and all levels of responsibility into using PS-Nexus™, helping them become familiar with the software so they may take full advantages of those capabilities most pertinent to their jobs.

    You save time and money because TH Enterprises ensures that each staff member receives only the training appropriate to that person's position and your organization's mission.

    In addition, TH Enterprises integrates PS-Nexus™ fully into other systems your organization uses, such as Microsoft Office, Outlook, Exchange, and Sharepoint.

    TH Enterprises provides consulting, software development, system integration, and professional standards-based management of the information and communications technology (ICT) environment. The goal is always to increase productivity for clients and to ensure a high return on your PS-Nexus™ investment.