TH Enterprises, Inc provides any services associated with the use of computer technology or communication technology in an organization.

We are a firm that provides system integration, software development, consulting, and professional standards based management of the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) environment. This, in turn, substantially increases productivity for our clients.

THEI provides a balanced and appropriate - carefully integrated combination of Process Design, staff growth, computer / telephone hardware, and industry software augmented by THEI software and, as required, by THEI software development.

This, in turn, optimizes the effectiveness of the organization insuring a high Return On our client's Investment (ROI).

Consulting Services

TH Enterprises' principle management provides consulting directed at the creation of an organization's automation strategic plan; short term automation projects; selection of software and hardware systems; and, solutions to specific business or management needs.

Facilitation Services

TH Enterprises' standards based solutions management provides facilitation of business teams toward successful completion of automation projects. This includes facilitation with the proper application of any of the hardware or software systems listed on this web site.


TH Enterprises' staff provides training on proper utilization of hardware and software systems, concepts related to successful automation and implementation of systems. Again, this includes facilitation with the proper and effective use of any of the hardware or software system listed on this web site.

Contract Programming

Where readily available quality software does not adequately provide the needs of its clients' organization, TH Enterprises creates interfaces between the best of existing systems.

Installation and Integration

TH Enterprises provides installation and integration of hardware and software systems. As Novell, Microsoft, Compaq, CorasWorks, and other organization's certified partner THEI is able to create a smooth and successful installation of powerful automation systems.


And, of course, THEI maintains all of the systems it installs; and, we are able to fix the problems associated with systems and hardware either properly or improperly installed by other vendors.

TH Supported Products and Services