System Design, Integration and Maintenance

TH Enterprises, Inc. (THEI) was founded in 1982 and provides an offering of Information and Communications Technology services that helps create a complete and integrated management infrastructure. This includes organization, program, financial and work group management solutions.

THEI provides system design, integration and maintenance on hardware and software platforms including Microsoft, HP, Mitel, Altigen, Citrix, VMWare, Kaseya, Symantec and Trend Micro, as well as many other products deemed to be "best of breed" solutions for small to medium organizations throughout the country.

Complete ICT Solutions

THEI provides complete ICT solutions utilizing the Internet, intranets, and extranets through hosted, on-premise, and hybrid deployments. In addition, THEI provides consulting, training, implementation and facilitation services, as well as Disaster Recovery solutions. Through development of proprietary systems and integration of 3rd party systems, THEI also delivers customized solutions for specialized accounting, Customer Relationship Management, reporting, and work flow process management.

Independent of the efforts above, THEI also has developed a comprehensive management system – RCMS – for Regional Councils of Government, Transit Authorities and other special purpose public sector organizations. This system is utilized by organizations around the U.S. THEI has worked with public sector agencies nationally for 30 years, providing a complete ICT management and operations team. THEI possesses an in-depth knowledge and proven history in professional management of the ICT function within many organizations, both public and private.

Well-versed and Professional

THEI is well-versed in professional ICT management and has multiple staff members at various levels within the organization that are ITIL certified. ITIL is the industry de facto standard for IT service delivery and change management recognized globally. We supply every aspect of automation from one reliable and qualified organization. We have a highly qualified team of business and IT professionals that include business management consultants and facilitators, certified network engineers, voice engineers, programmers, and accounting professionals.

We have provided the guidance, technologies, equipment and expertise to keep our clients at the front of the technology curve. THEI has maintained staff certified in various fields to ensure the availability and security of ICT systems. THEI has designed hardware and software infrastructures for redundancy at many levels, security protection at perimeter and endpoints, and recommended new equipment and technologies in a forward-thinking, well-managed manner that has provided our clients with a stable, dependable and predictable platform for daily operations. THEI strives to provide a high level of system availability beyond the client's expectations and our success has been demonstrated through ongoing relationships that have been built upon over the last 30 years.

ICT Service Management

THEI has staff certified in ICT service management, risk management, security, and audit and has aided our clients with the drafting of ICT policies and procedures and written materials for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery.

THEI provides these same services to a wide variety of clients, both public and private sector. All of which are managed remotely with regularly scheduled onsite visits by staff and management as well as onsite response to critical issues.